210 x 130CM Camping Emergency Blanket First Aid Rescue Foil Thermal Insulation Mat Shelter Outdoor Survival
July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017
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Emergency Aluminized Sunshade Sun Shelter Blanket First Aid Insulation Sleeping Bag Outdoor Camping Survival 100 x 200cm


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Size: 100*200cm
Material: Aluminized PET

The product can be used at a low temperature environments and maintain its 80% without emitting heat.
Come with strong reflective, easier for rescue personnel to found, an indispensable tool for outdoor survival.
Adding a layer in the sleeping bag can improve the insulation capability, to ensure that a lot of good sleep temperature.
This product is an emergency life-saving essential goods, suitable for outdoor adventure, study, travel, when disasters happen to use. Easy to carry, compact, beautiful and practical.

1.After the accident, use the available first aid sleeping bag to cover the body, to prevent a sharp decline in body temperature.
2.The vehicle broke down in the cold zone or night, it can be used as a first aid sleeping bag to keep body warming.
3.First-aid Bag can be used for reflective film, send a signal to rescuers.

Package includes:
1 x Survival emergency blanket